Modern cloth diapers aren’t the same swatches of cloth that covered your grandma’s behind. Today, cloth diapers are adorable, eco-friendly and affordable – and they’re extremely easy to use.


















The Convenience of Cloth Diapers

With cloth diapers by Hiney Lineys, your baby gets a custom fit and extra leak protection (both in the legs and around the back). Cloth diapers by Hiney Lineys are easy to launder, fold nicely and fit discreetly in your diaper bag or purse.

Since Hiney Lineys cloth diapers are reusable, one set keeps dozens of diapers per week out of landfills.  You’ll be saving valuable natural resources that are used in the manufacture of disposables, too – so cloth diapering is extremely eco-friendly.

The best thing about cloth diapers by Hiney Lineys? They’re easy on your bank account. You can diaper your 12- to 35-pound baby for as little as $278 – and that can translate into thousands of dollars of savings that can be put to better use. Our cloth diapers can be passed on to little brothers and sisters, too, so you’ll essentially be diapering new babies without spending a dime.

Cloth Diapers by Hiney Lineys

Hiney Lineys cloth diapers were designed to fit everyone, from the tiniest newborns to the sturdiest toddlers and small children. You’ll love Hiney Lineys because:

• our cloth diapers have ultra-stretchy back and leg elastic to prevent leaks

• the Stay-Dry wicking layer in our cloth diapers keeps your baby feeling dry

• our cloth diapers have waterproof outer material so clothes stay dry

• the front flap on our cloth diapers keeps inserts and prefolds secure

• Hiney Lineys cloth diapers have loop fasteners and snap closures to give your little one a custom fit

• all our cloth diapers are made in the USA by work-at-home moms and grandmoms

Learn More about Cloth Diapers

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, browse our cloth diaper store or read the Hiney Times Blog.



Hiney Lineys Versa Cover

*Made in the USA
*One-Size fits 12-35 lbs!
*Use with any prefold, fitted, flat, or insert
*Customize with our “add-on” Liney system to make an AI2 or AI3 diapering system
* $16.95 each (Includes FREE shipping)



Hiney Lineys Stay Dry Liney

*Made in the USA
*Contains messes and keeps diaper cover clean
*Keeps baby feeling dry
*Use with your prefolds or inserts or our snap-on soaker/insert
*Snaps into our Versa cover over your absorbent piece

Hiney Lineys Snap on Hemp Insert

*Made in the USA

*Absorbent Hemp Cotton blend

*Snaps onto the back of your Liney