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Hiney Lineys Versa Lineys™ 2 Pack

Hiney Lineys Versa Lineys™ 2 Pack
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Model: Versa Liney 2 Pack
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The snap-in Liney is comprised of one layer of polyester stay dry suedecloth and is bound in soft fold over elastic. Use with your favorite prefold or insert and our Versa™ Cover, or snap one of our inserts onto the back of the Liney to create a one piece option. Made in the USA.


Versa Cover

~This is your waterproof outer layer

~Available in both velcro and snaps



Absorbency Options



~Fold and tuck it under the front flap of the Versa cover and lay it in

                                 ~Most affordable and economical absorbent piece that we offer


      Snap on Insert/soaker

~Snaps onto the back of your Liney

 ~Choose this insert instead of prefolds if you want a more convenient option

                                  ~Makes the absorbent layer and the stay dry layer all one piece


~This is your stay dry layer and is NOT absorbent.  It wicks moisture away from baby

~Snaps into the Versa cover under the front flap and also on the back wings of the Versa cover

~This is the very top layer that touches baby's skin

~It also collects the poo, helps to keep it off the cover, and gives double protection against leaks

                         ~We recommend 3 Lineys per diaper cover for cost efficiency and reduction in laundry
































Our  Versa™ cover is the perfect cover for versatility!  Use prefolds, flats, or inserts of any type in our  Versa™ cover.  Just fold and tuck under the front flap.  Need a stay dry layer that will also keep messes off of your  Versa™ cover?  Our Lineys™ will do just that!  It is gathered in the legs and back portion and keeps messes off of your  Versa™ cover!   Our  Versa™ cover will also work with most fitted diapers as well.  Want a more daddy friendly option?  Use our Lineys™ and snap on one of our inserts to the back of the Lineys™.  Now you have a two part system that is daddy and babysitter friendly! Hiney Lineys  Versa™ is all about choices!  You have the choice and versatility to make your diaper what you want ! 




Multiple Lineys™ allow you to use your Versa™ Cover more than once and is like having more than one diaper. More uses means more savings!

Elasticized Lineys™ keep messes from getting on the diaper cover and making it easier to dump solids.

Dual elastic system gives double protection against leaks.

Stay-dry suedecloth keeps baby's bottom feeling dry. Suedecloth will soften after a few washes.

Lineys™ cover laundry tabs on our Hook and Loop system.

When used with prefolds, there is no fancy folding, pins, or fasteners needed! 

You can customize your absorbency by adding extra inserts or prefolds tucked under the front flap under your Liney™.

Soaker pad is cleverly assembled for quicker drying time.

With our 3 part system, a flap on the front portion of the diaper cover holds your insert or prefold snugly in place. 

Versa™ cover can be easily wiped out between uses.

Large size range, provides more use out of one diaper.

Hidden snaps provide a comfortable fit.

No stuffing or un-stuffing diapers.

After dumping solids there is no need to unsnap the liner, the whole system can be tossed into the wash.

Reusability saves money!

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